May 29, 2014

I left Etsy...

Well, the time came to finally leave Etsy.  The support and attitude of all my customers was amazing and I generally really enjoyed my time there.  BUT, all good things must come to an end.  Its time that I branched out and really concentrated on this website and have the freedom to layout my products and options as I see fit.  I want to thank everyone who supported me there, I hope that I can continue to count on you guys and as always if there's anything I can do, any questions or problems I'm here to help.

What's in a name?

Aside form the onslaught of questions about  our skins, shirts and such, we've been getting the same question over and over again; "Why Killer Duck Decals?"  

Fair enough.  Usually I like a little mystery and mystique, but since so many people cared and were curious enough to ask, here goes.  How we got the name, Ready? Ok, the answer is: Dogs.  


Two very specific dogs, Killer and Duckie.  We can't stop rescuing animals, and of all the 4 legged beasts that have come through our house and shop, they somehow made the cut.  Killer, the timid Golden Retriever, and Duckie, the hyper Collie/Shetland, are considered to be our first children and ever present in the shop, it seemed fitting to work them into the mix.  So we put it to a vote, everyone agreed that the name worked well and the underlying theme of Rubber Ducky Assault teams with Tactical Gear would suit the shop just fine. 

Thanks for reading, and keep the questions coming! 


Certificate Of Awesome

The Certificate of Awesome.   

We've always tried to keep things fresh and exciting around the shop; Nerf Gun wars, impromptu Street Fighter Tournaments, and the occasional game of catch keep everyone here happy and in good spirits.   However during the busier times of year its hard to break away form actual work to enjoy ourselves while in the shop.  

So, we developed Operation: Awesome

Operation Awesome was never announced publicly.  It was a technique we used to keep everything straight when we are at the busiest times of the day.  Its a really simple concept.    When we came across an order that stood out; a funny name, place, email, user name, etc got rewarded with something from the shop which ranged from handwritten notes, random confetti, or a super secret sticker we printed.  It ranged wildly from person to person.  Whoever was packing orders or answering emails used their own discretion.  

With the launch of Killer Duck Decals, I think its time to bring this program to light. 

Above you will see the official Certificate of Awesome.  It has no monetary value, but it does give you validation... validation of Awesomeness. 

Who gets one?  

As previously mentioned, it's kind of random and up to the person packing your order for reasons completely up to them.  

How can I get one?

 Stand out.  During checkout, use the comments as a blank canvas.  Use common sense, and keep your social graces about you and you just might find yourself a card carrying, certified, and publicly recognized member of team Awesome. 

Good luck.

-Killer Duck Decals