Case Chart

The plastic case is great for anyone who loves the slim sleek design of their phone.  While it doesn't offer much protection

from major bumps and drops it more than makes up for it in its slender form.  All buttons and ports are wide open making it

very easy to run headphones and chargers to wherever you need them.  This case is ideal for those who are generally very

careful with their phones but like to have the peace of mind of having a layer of protection while maintaining the slimmest

profile as possible. 

The rubber case is by far our most versatile case that we offer.  Buttons and ports are still left open for easy access,

but the entire case is surrounded by a though layer of rubber.   The rubber helps absorb the force of impact when

dropped and has a nice tactile feel that also gives you a better grip when holding your phone.  The sides extend slightly

past the front screen to prevent scratches while the phone is laying face down.  


The MK II, or Mark 2, case is perfect for anyone who needs extra protection for their phones.  This is a 2 part case,

the back is a hard plastic that wraps around the sides of the phone.  The liner is a very flexible rubber that has extra

padding around the corners and edges that run along the front of the screen.  This is also a great case because it is

very easy to take off and put back on.  


The MK III, or Mark 3, case is the highest level of protection we offer.  The MK III is a two part case that combines a thick

rubber liner and tough plastic shell.  The rubber liner incorporates a honeycomb pattern that helps distribute the force of

impact when dropped and when combined with the plastic shell gives the phone superior protection.  When applying the

case for the first time we recommend breaking in the rubber liner by bending and flexing it to ensure that the phone sits

properly when the outer shell is applied.