Case Mod two Piece

Tools Needed

Step 1: 


Follow the previous instructions to apply the decal directly on the back of your case.  ( Here) Line up the camera holes as best you can, we’ll carve out some nw ones in the next step.

It should now look like this


Step 2:

With the phone out of the case take your hobby knife and start to widen the camera hole.  run the edge along the hole of your case taking care not to cut yourself.   Flip the case over and trip from the other side, Next, cut a straight line in the groove created by the 2 case pieces. separate the two halves, and run a fingernail down the edges to smooth them out.

Step 3: 

Pop your phone back in and enjoy! For the finer crafstman, use a hairdryer set on low around the new hole for 2-3 seconds. This evens out the new cuts you just made