If you want something... we can make it... We offer a full line of possibilities from Stickers, to customer Phone Skins, to Shirts.

In terms of clothing, we have access to all major distributors and private labels which translates into THOUSANDS of different garments, in all sizes, colors, and styles.  If you are unsure which brand to choose from, tell us what your end use is and we can narrow down the field for you and help yo pick the right one.  If you have a brand that you know and love, we can track that down for you as well.

All of our vinyl applications leverage

If you have a question (check our FAQ below we since we might have already answered it), or want to setup some custom work through just use our contact us form, and we will certainly get back to you!!!


Some of our most frequently asked questions!

Q:     What size vinyl and print can you handle?
A:     We can handle up to 53.5” in either Width or Length. 

Q:    Do you have minimums?
A:    NOPE.  A single shirt (or a couple) is more expensive than if you got say 20-30 or even 1,000 but we can most certainly handle any size order.

Q:    What are your set up fees like?
A:    How about a one time fee of $10 OR any order over $150 (in shirts, vinyl, stickers, buttons or any combination) is free!

Q:    We don’t have artwork, but we do have a rough idea can you do design work?
A:    YUP! We’ve spent our time in art school, we can whip up a design for you.

Q:    Is vinyl hard to apply?
A:    No, its actually pretty easy.  All orders come with an instruction sheet, the website has instructions and a video.  If you are still unsure drop us a line and we can walk you through it.

Q:    What file format do you need?
A:    We LOVE vector based files, .AI, .PDF, .CDR, .EPS etc, but most other file types will work just fine too after we convert them.

Q:    Can I see what my order will look like before you print them?
A:    YES.  We send proofs for you to approve before we make item number one.

Q:    Do you do band shirts?
A:    Thats how we started!  We work with tons of bands and we know how tight a band’s budget can be so we work with you as best we can to get your shirts and your name out there at the best price.

Q:    Do you do shirts for Charity events, corporate events, and community events?
A:    Absolutely! 

Q:    How many shirts can you handle?
A:    The sky is the limit, some larger orders may require a small deposit (orders of 200+ shirts)

Q:    Do you do price breaks?
A:    Yes.  We always search for the best deals in the market and pass the savings along.  MOST of our distributors define a large order to 1,000 pieces. That can make up different sizes and sometimes colors, of the same shirt.  Those quotes usually only last a week.  With that volume of shirts my distributors can’t guarantee prices after 7 days.

Q:    Can you print a specific color?
A:    Once again, YES!  We can get a Pantone match to any color you need.

Q:    Do you ship internationally?
A:    YES.   Let us know before hand so we can get you an accurate quote on shipping.