How we Measure

We know that having the perfect fit on your device is key! Heck size does matter when it comes to the look and feel of your device, or even decal!

Every skin and decal we design starts with the master cut file. This is the file we will use to create every design so we have to get it right before anything goes to our giant printers.

The measurement process starts with mapping out the general shape and parameters of each device. This means that we physically have each device in front of us while we work. Given the nature of the cutting machines (plotters) everything in this phase must be done in a vector based environment, our weapon of choice is Adobe Illustrator, though any similar program will do.

After we map the cut file, we start the physical testing process. We cut the design from permagloss vinyl and test the fit. rinse, wash, repeat. Although the measurements maybe exact we always end up adjusting the cuts with the end user in mind. No one should have to be a professional installer to use our skins! So we tweak and stretch until we get the the right balance of fit and ease of use. Once we get to that critical point, we put it to the Pocket Test.

Pocket testing is the final step before printing and laminating the final product. It is a fairly simple process, once the test pattern is applied, we use the device. We shove them in our pockets, throw them into bags, slide them across table tops, and generally run them through the gauntlet of normal everyday use with a dash of abuse.

IF AND ONLY IF they meet these standards do we start printing, posting and selling them to you... our loyal consumers!