Our History

We started printing shirts and gig posters in high school art class, after we graduated we printed shirts for friend’s bands and for the love of printing shirts. While in college and shortly after graduating and entering the real world, the only thing that made real sense to us was to continue what we love.   We’ve come from making shirts and screens in our bathtubs “prohibition” style, to the full process machinery in our own shop.  As we’ve grown we have acquired new talents and equipment that took us from a small Screen Printing shop to a fully functioning printing utopia.

We dove into the market of cutting vinyl and experimenting with heat set vinyl for shirts and quickly fell in love with that as well.  We have several shops around the country (and a few abroad) that use our vinyl for their store’s decor and signage.  We’ve shipped our vinyl decals across the world though various websites, fairs, and conventions. 

Our most current acquisition has really expanded our capabilities and helped diversify the services we’ve offered in the past.  Wide format printers and plotters sent us in the world of doing stickers, car wraps, large scale signs, store window displays, banners, and countless other applications. 

We have always stuck to our guns with customer service, we aim to please and we will always go to great lengths to make sure every order goes out on time, correct, and worthy of representing our abilities.  If ever you have questions, concerns or curiosities about your order please never hesitate to contact us. 

"We Love what we do and we’d love to do a lot more of it."