We know that everyone isn't as addicted to vinyl as we are. But we thought we should share some of the knowledge with you! Also it helps you apply our awesome products.

Materials you will need:

Soapy water, Squeegee / Credit Card, Paper Towel, Design, Exacto or razor blade, Something to stick it on.

Step 1: Clean the Surface

Mix up a batch of soapy water, and wipe down the surface.  Find somewhere warm to apply the decal, because Vinyl is not fond of the cold.  Cold AND dirty surfaces are the worst.

Step 2: Peel the transfer tape off

Peel the tape off of the backing slow and at an angle, if the vinyl should stick to the paper and not the tape, carefully lay it back down and give it a little rub down with the squeegee. 

Step 3: You're Ready to apply 

Success!!! The paper backing is now trash, so throw it away like a responsible citizen.  Grab the tape at the top with a corner in each hand, and start to eye up your application area.

Step 4: Center the design 

Carefully lay down the tape where you want it.  Use your thumbs to apply some pressure to the middle of the design.  The middle should be the first contact to the surface.

Step 5: SQUEEGEE time

My favorite.  First work the squeegee side to side applying some force (just like a Jedi) Then you can move onto the up and down technique.

Step 6: Lifting the tape 

Almost done, peel the tape off in the same manner you used to peel the backing off.   Slow and at an angle.

Step 7: Remove any air bubbles 

It happens to the best of us, air bubbles.  If you should have some its not the end of the world, grab a sharp blade and make tiny little slivers in the bubble, then smooth it out.

Step 8: Ta-Da!! 

FINISHED!!!!  go amaze your friends with your new decoration.   

Wasn’t that fun?