Vinyl University

Your Vinyl Dissected

The vinyl comes to you ready for application. 

This diagram should help you understand the instructions

a little better. Every piece of vinyl has 3 parts:

the backing paper

the vinyl cut out

the transfer tape.

Prepare The Surface

Our vinyl will stick to anything pourous (smooth) like car windows, road signs, binders, bumpers, etc.  BUT one thing it won’t stick to is.... DIRT.

So in preperation for your your new vinyl decal, grab some warm soapy water, and get to scrubbing.  Actually a couple ofipes should be just fine.  

Dry up the area and proceed to step 2

Peel the Backing Paper Off.

The backing paper is the opaque white paper, You can throw this part away now, it now has no more use.

Now you should have a piece of clear tape with the vinyl stuck to it

Applying the Decal

Take your transfer tape with the vinyl still attached over to the surface you want to look prettier.  

Apply pressure to the center first,

Then begin to smooth left to right.

Use a straight rigid edge

 to smooth the entire decal down.

Gently peel from one edge at a 45 degree angle and peel off the transfer tape