What Materials do we Use

Die cut vinyl decals

We use Permagloss intermediate 2.7mm vinyl. In English that means your standard 5-7 year outdoor rated vinyl. This is the same material used for outdoor signs, window displays, banners, car window decals, and just about everything else that isn't painted by hand. Permagloss has a HUGE color pallet, we have an abundance of each color in stock and in a variety of sizes. Now just because it is rated for 5-7 years doesn't mean that it wont last longer? We've heard and seen it last much much longer under normal conditions, however this is the standard that the manufacturers set, not us. Another amazing property that made this vinyl an easy choice is its ability to retain color. From start to finish it will have the same luster and and vibrant colors.

Specialty Applications

Some specialty applications require special material. For example any marine or boating applications need a marine specific vinyl. If the wrong vinyl is used, it can severely shorten the lifespan of the vinyl or simply not wok at all. We will work with you to find out your specific needs and pick the right substrate for the right job.


Printed vinyl - Mactac gloss/matte.

Printed vinyl works a little differently than die cut vinyl. Die cut cannot be printed on, its best used for solid or opaque applications, whereas printable vinyl retains color printed on through a mixture of heat and solvent inks. Mactac is a thin, lightweight and cost effective choice that puts the check marks next to hundreds of uses from car wraps to bumper stickers. We often use an over laminate for our line of skins and device decals for an extra layer of protection.